Visites guidées gratuites des églises de Bruxelles

Free guided tours in brussels churches

Our Mission

Following a long-standing tradition, our association dedicates itself to welcome every visitor and to provide free guided tours of the churches in Brussels, from a christian and historical perspective, thanks to a team of experienced and passionated guides. Its main purpose is to make the religious and historical heritage better known and accessible to everyone.

The religious art is indeed characterized by a chequered history, as exemplified in the various creations and changes in the churches architecture. So is the religious heritage in Brussels, which has a long story to tell about itself. Our specialized churches guides are always happy and enthusiastic to explain to the visitors the iconography and symbolic of stained glasses, furnitures, paintings, funeral monuments, vaults, etc. Many important historical events are also related at the same time.


We are active within the Brussels City “pentagon”. This range may also be enwidened to the whole Brussels Capital Region.


We welcome any visitors, regardless of their religion, culture, philosophical or political choices and languages. Our team of guides remains the whole year at the disposition of parishes, catechisis group, associations, school classes, group of friends, families, etc. But above all to any individuals and occasional visitors who wish to know more about the churches.


Do you have an interest in the history of our beautiful capital?

Do not hesitate.

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